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Vendor Information

 BUSHSWAG at Bushwig is September 7th & 8th.

There will be assigned spaces this year and we will be located in two areas of the event. We are working on a map of this. Once we have confirmation of the exact spacing and areas from the venue, we will reach out to whoever signed up first and give first pick. There is also a limited supply of tables, once we receive confirmation of how many table are available, we will reach out to you in the order of which you signed up. Once we run out that's it. Chairs will be available to everyone.

There are places to park at the venue if you have a car. You must be completely set up at least an hour before the event starts each day (12pm).

Some recommendations:

-Bring a sign. People love to know who they're shopping with

-Bring business cards. People love to network

-Bring a card reader. People love to use that plastic girl

-Pre-tag your items. This is not a must, but you might find customers would just prefer to know the price instead of asking for every item they're interested in.

-ALWAYS watch your stuff. This is a loving awesome event, but unfortunately, people just can't stop themselves from being shady. We HIGHLY recommend you bring someone to help run your spot. We are not responsible for any items lost or stolen. Each vendor will get two weekend passes for themselves and a helper.

-HAVE FUN and make that coin!

Any other questions, feel free to email bushswagbk@gmail.com